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Gottlieb - A Desperate Journey

Game: Gottlieb - A Desperate Journey (2017)

Entwickler: Julia Bohren, Andres Bucher

Musik: Jan Kohl

Produktion: ZHdK Game Design

Kurzsynopsis von Gottlieb - A Desperate Journey You take the role of Gottlieb Linder, a citizen of the mountain village Wengen. When his Wife suddenly dies of the plague and also his son becomes feverish, Gottlieb sets off in the depths of winter, to seek help in the vale. But not only he gets caught in a horrible blizzard but also has to realise, that he is not alone. All of a sudden, he finds himself in a merciless pursuit by a creature that he thought to be a myth.

After the Hunt

Game: After the Hunt (2017)

Entwickler: Jeremy Wayne Petrus

Musik: Jan Kohl

Produktion: ZHdK Game Design

Kurzsynopsis von After the Hunt A man fights his way back home through the night, struggling with the snow in the city and the storm within his heart. A homage to Robert Falcon Scott (1838-1912), explorer of Antarctica.

Pirate Madness

Game: Pirate Madness (2017)

Entwickler: Joëlle Tobler, Andres Bucher,

                   Jeremy Wayne Petrus

Musik: Jan Kohl

Produktion: ZHdK Game Design

mehr über Pirate Madness Pirate Madness is a local multiplayer game on AirConsole. There are pirates in the stormy waters and you need to watch out. Sink the other pirate ships while battling through the wild maelstrom that appeared in the middle of the weathery sea. Be careful not to get hit and fire away! Move around the vortex to sneak up on your opponents and blast them down. The objective of the game is to shoot and sink the other pirate ships. Each ship got three lives, and you gain points when you sink another ship and you lose points each time you die. You will get respawned after a short cooldown, the round continues until the time is up. The player with the most points in the end wins the game.